Machinima Partnerships, What They Are And How To Get One?

 Currently, I am a Machinima partner and I get a lot of questions about my machinima partnership. Many people ask me where they can apply, or what are the requirements.  I decided to make a video about this, and then create a follow up article with more information. I hope this will answer all of your questions. Please read the full article before you ask questions.

What is a Machinima partnership?

Machinima LogoA Machinima partnership is a lot like a full YouTube partnership. You get the full partner only perks like channel banner, video thumbnails, video page banner, and the ability to make money from your videos. The difference between the two is that with Machinima, you can make money from gaming videos without receiving permission from game companies. If you are a full YouTube partner, you won’t be able to monetize your gaming videos because gameplay, in most cases is copyrighted. You can’t make money from someone else’s copyrighted content. This is where Machinima steps in. Machinima signed contracts with a lot of game companies so that they have permission to make money from gameplay footage of most games.  These contracts are not something that a normal person can get. I assume they are very expensive and took a lot of time to create. But Machinima is currently the biggest gaming network on YouTube with over 120,000,000 million subscribers all across the network . So game companies actually want to sign these contracts, because their games will have a chance to be uploaded to big channels and receive free advertising.


Why you need Machinima or any other game network

Like I said before, almost all of the video games out there are copyrighted. This means that you are not allowed to use the video game’s gameplay for commercial use without written permission from the game publisher. On YouTube, this means that you CANNOT legally make money from gameplay footage. However, if you make instructional tutorials about the game, that are related to the gameplay you may be allowed to make money from it because of a copyright clause called fair use. You can read more on fair use here. So if you make instructional tutorials about the gameplay, you may be able to monetize it, but you won’t be able to become a full YouTube partner because YouTube doesn’t partner you if you relay on fair use to monetize your videos.

Video Tutorial

Before I wrote this article I created a video about getting machinima partnerships. The video is called How To Get a Machinima YouTube Partnership! (Partnership for Gamers) and it has over 48,000 views.  From the feedback in the comments, the video wasn’t really to the point. Many people also did not really understand the video as I hoped. So I was getting a lot of questions that I thought I answered in the comments.  If you would like, you can watch the video, but I recommend reading this article. This article is written, and not in video format. I also sound pretty weird in the video, so I think you are better off just skipping the video.

Please remember that I am not an official Machinima recruiter. All of the requirements I might say in this article may not be true. The requirements that are written here came from my experience, and other from other machinima partners’ experience.


The difference between Machinima partners and Machinima directors

Machinima partners are people that have partnerships on their channel from Machinima. Machinima partners are not Machinima directors, Machinima directors are people that can post on Machinima channels. Machinima partners can just post on their channels unless they are also Machinima directors. You can be a Machinima respawn director, a Machinima realm director, a Machinima sports director and etc. There is only one type of  a Machinima partnership, and not many like Machinima director opportunities.


Age limit for a Machinima partnership

Currently, you can be any age to be partnered by Machinima. However, if you are under 18 you will need to have your parents sign your contract. For example, I am 15. My parents signed my contract and I was partnered.


Requirements for a Machinima partnership

One thing I really want to stress is that I am not an official recruiter for Machinima. That means that I don’t decide the requirements. I also cannot partner you. And I can’t recommend you. A machinima partnership is a business decision. This decision is done by Machinima employees. Now, before we get into actual numbers, we need to make sure your channel has no copyright or community guidelines strikes. If you do have a strike you need to wait for it to expire, which takes 6 months. Another thing that you need to worry about, is your monetization tab located at If you went through the steps to enable monetization for your channel, you need to make sure that your monetization is not disabled! You can get your monetization disabled by getting banned from google adsense, closing your adsense account, or monetizing videos that are not yours. If you do have monetization enabled, and if you are monetization your videos please do not click on your ads and don’t ask ANYONE to click on your ads. If you ask for clicks or click on your own ads you will be banned from adsense and your monetization will get disabled. Once your monetization is disabled, you will not be able to become a partner with ANY network (including youtube). So this means that if your monetization is disabled, you will not be able to get a machinima partnership on your channel and you will need to create a new account if you still want to go for a machinima partnership or any type of partnership. Also, there is a difference between getting your monetization disabled, and not even enabling your monetization. If you haven’t enabled monetization on your account, then you are fine. But if you did enable monetization on your account, and now your are banned then you are in trouble.

Now, let’s talk about the numbers shall we? So just a quick reminder, these numbers may not be accurate. You might be rejected even if you are above all of the criteria.

Total views: Your total upload views shows if you can make videos that get a lot of views, or if you can’t. In my example, most of my videos had about 500 views and I had 2 videos with over 15,000 views. So my total views was higher than my average, which I think machinima liked. I would say, try to aim at over 100,000. I know this is a lot, but if you are on youtube for over a year then this could be achieved.

Views per day: Probably the most important criteria. This shows how many active subscribers you have. You might have 10,000 subscribers but you might only get 1000 views per day, which isn’t too great for 10,000 subs. At the time I applied I had about 1200 views per day. These days, machinima partnerships are harder to get so I recommend about 1500-5000 views everyday. You can check how many views per day you get by going to the following website: and replacing “USERNAME” with your youtube username. After you go to that url, it will take about 24 hours for data to appear.

Subscribers: Your total amount of subscribers is not really going to be the deciding factor, and it’s not as important as views per day. When I applied I was getting 4 subscribers every day and I had a total of 1,100 subscribers. I think that now you would want about 1300-7000 and to get 6 subscribers every day.

Total amount of videos: I think that over 50 is good. It would be pretty hard to get all of the other criteria without a bunch of videos so don’t worry about your total amount of videos. However you should make sure that you post frequently. YOUR VIDEOS NEED TO BE ORIGINAL, DON’T DO THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! If you really want a Machinima partnership be ready to frequently upload good videos that people would want to see.


How much are Mchinima partners paid

This is the question that I get the most. It looks like people are interested in the amount of money that I get paid. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how much I am paid. I signed a contract that says that I have to keep that information confidental (not tell other people about it). So this is one of the questions that this article might not answer.


How To Apply For a Machinima Partnership

So once you meet all the requirements I listed above, it’s time to apply for a machinima partnership! This used to be a lot harder, you would have to use apps on facebook or ask other partners to recommend you. But now, all you need to do is visit this link, and email the recruiter for your region. If you don’t have a recruiter for your region just email the worldwide recruiter. I am really glad that you can apply for a machinima partnership, and that you don’t have to wait for them to choose you.


Need help getting more views?

If you you don’t meet the criteria for a machinima partnership, you can try watching a few of my tutorial videos.

How To Get Noticed on YouTube
MW3: The Key To Success on YouTube


Thank’s for reading this long article. I really hope it will help you get a machinima partnership. Good luck!


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  9. Would you still have a shot if youd don't have like 1 or 2 of the things you said?

  10. It depends which one. If you are missing views and subscribers then probably not.

  11. hello JC m Having A problem :( when i click on it redirects me to this page… i dnt know whats happening, pleaz help :( ???

  12. It means that you don't have the account monetization feature unlocked on your channel yet. Does it give you the option to apply? If it does then everything is good.

  13. JC Its really helped i have a question in my mind that what if their is no monetization available in some country but did he still get a chance to get partnership from Machinima or any other gaming network…….

  14. Even if monetization is not available in your country you can still become a partner with Machinima or any other network.

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  16. Hey :) Thanks for the info. I have currently been getting 4k-6k views per day and got 1k subs on my channel – and i am really interested in joining the machinima community. I have contacted champchong and the partner email twice but no reply :( What should i do?

  17. Hey JC, well as you said that i don’t have the account monetization feature unlocked on your channel yet so what should i do?(it gives me an option to apply)?

  18. Hey Ziv as u said i don't have the account monetization feature unlocked on your channel yet, so what should i do???? (And Yea it gives me an option to apply)???

  19. We talked on skype.

  20. If you don't have the feature unlocked then you shouldn't worry about it. It won't stop you from getting a partnership. You should only worry if you do have the monetization tab enabled, but then later you get banned and it gets disabled.

  21. I dont want a machinima partnership, i just want to be partnered with YouTube, so how can i unlock it? i m continously uploading videos and getting tons of views..

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    We've hit a brick wall with our audience so i really think the next step is getting the partnership. hope we hear back soon!

  24. Good luck. Recently Machinima is taking less partners than the usual so you might have to wait a sometime.

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  38. what is the age you can start doing the partnership , can it be any age under 18

  39. Yes but you will need your parents to sign your contract.

  40. Now JC do u have to start making videos before u apply or make a video send it to them then wait for a response that asks do u want to become a partner I’m intrested in doing this but need to know the main points

  41. You first make your videos, get a lot of subscribers and views and then you contact Machinima.

  42. Cool thanks for ur help and how do u exactly contact them

  43. Check the last section before the end of the article.

  44. And one more thing when your a partner with them and are apart of let's say machinima respawn or do u just have to do fps or may I do whatever I want can u be partnered with all of them to to do that or no I don't know.

  45. I think you can do what you did before. It doesn't have to be fps.

  46. one more thing how do u do ur thumbnais how do u like set that up with ur vids

  47. When you edit your video's settings you should get the option to upload a custom thumbnail if you are partnered.

  48. What kind of videos did you upload before you were contracted?

  49. Darn, I just wanted early games i didn't realize this was a job subscription

  50. Machinima partners don't get games early, as far as I know.

  51. Hey, jc! This is a question that no one asked! Do you really have to upload game related videos to your channel to get partnered with machinima?! Just check out my videos cause i am a vfx editor and not a gamer! So otherwise which third-party site can i use to partner myself? Here is my channel, not so much of views though!

  52. Pretty much any network that you find, since your videos don't have any copyrighted material in them.

  53. Does it mather if I enabled monetization while it was disabled? (It was on disabled when I looked there) And accepted the terms of use. Does this mather? can this get me in trouble ?

  54. No it doesn't matter. Just make sure you don't get your monetization disabled. You can get it disabled if you don't follow the guidelines.

  55. Hi come from canada and i was wondering if i can just put gaming videos up without a parthnership no monethizing and just wait till im 18 cause im only 16 so that id have the time to try different programs.before asking machinima for a parthnrship.

  56. Yes you can.

  57. Hi, ziv I have a problem, the monetization in my country is currently disabled, how can I make this fuction work? I mean can't somebody simply don't profit from it's work? If I get a partnership with machinima will that function be enabled?

  58. You can be partnered with a network, but you can't become a youtube partner without a network because that is blocked in your country.

  59. Hi, I do gameplay commentaries and I enabled monetization for my channel(not running any ads though) and under my channel settings it says “Partner | Verified”. This won’t get me in trouble as long as I don’t monetize any of my videos, right?

  60. That is correct :)

  61. How old were u when u actually started to prepare to apply for machinama?
    I'm just wondering.

  62. 14-15.

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  64. how do i find out who my region recruiter?

  65. They don't have recruiters for regions anymore (as far as I know) you just have to email

  66. Okay so I'm 16 and i want to start a gaming channel, so when I'm making my youtube account do i put my age in? or do i make it under my parents name? and if they sign my contract for me, does that mean machinima has a contract with them or me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  67. Just make the account on your name, and when you get any contracts ask your parents to sign them.

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  69. The concept of the Machinima partnership is very innovative. They are providing the same services as those of YouTube and such but with a more personalized experience. I guess you get paid every time a user checks out your video.

  70. Question.. How do they pay you do you need addsense or do you tell them your bank details and they will pay you directly to your bank or am I wrong? And another question how do your parents actually sign the contract with proof that they are your parents and not just your second account? Thanks for an amazingly detailed artical :)

  71. Machinima pays to your paypal account. Not sure what you mean by "your second account"? I think you will get in some big trouble if you sign your contract on behalf of your parents if you are under 18. If you are under 18, make sure they read the contract,understand it, and then sign it if they agree with it. Don't try to play with the law :)

  72. Hey man, how long does it take before they respond?

    I've send a partnership request to my region recruiter like almost 5 days ago and still no response?

    Or does it take much longer then that?

  73. If it's more than 10 days then they probably didn't accept you I think.

  74. "Don't try to play with the law :) "
    if you play with the law you will get more money lol

  75. what are the requeriments for enter in the machinima animacion "happy hour"?

  76. Wish we could be partners hahaha well ( and my youtube channel is called 2greatvids

  77. But if you do play with the law, and if something bad that regards copyright happens to your account, you will be in deep trouble. Your legal guardian will have to pay for a lawsuit because "they" signed a contract. But what if you signed the contract on behalf of your legal guardian without letting them know. That makes you three things, a liar, thief, and out of money.

  78. I am not sure. I haven't heard of that show. To remind you I am just a Machinima partner, not an employee.

  79. To remind you I am just a Machinima partner, not an employee. I don't choose who gets partnered and I don't work for Machinima. I just upload videos.

  80. ok i get that i need many videogame videos and subcribers and stuff but what i dont get is that i am not able to put my walkthroughs on youtube due to copyright so how am i supposed to do videogame videos?

  81. You can put walkthroughs on your channel, but you can't monetize them. You can only monetize them once you have permission (which is really hard to get) or once you are partnered with a network.

  82. Thanks this was a big help! The only thing I need to know is if there is any reason my parents (I’m 14) wouldn’t want to sign?

  83. The only reason they might not want to sign it is because of the section that says what happens if you infringe someone else's copyrights. Basically, if you upload copyrighted content to your channel once you are partnered, you may get Machinima sued. If you get Machinima sued, your parents will have to pay for the entire case (lawyers, time loss, court fees, and the amount you got sued for). You have to make sure you never get Machinima sued, so don't upload copyrighted content, and tell your parents you won't.

  84. if i have 2 chanel and im partner with machinima do i have to tell them?

  85. Szeretnék partner lenni

  86. I think you have to list all the channels you own when you sign your contact.

  87. Hey guys, I really want a partnership with Machinima and I believe I can be a big success in life..

    Could you guys maybe subscribe, rate, comment and add me as a friend and give me some YouTube through inbox? Here is my channel:

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    Thanks and bye :-)

    ~Armani Willson~

  88. Sorry :P I meant to say give some useful tips through my YouTube inbox xD

  89. Hey i live in somewhere that youtube dosent let me to enable my monotize it says that its not available in my country will i be able to be a partner with out enabling monotization ?

  90. You can be a partner with a network even if monetization is not allowed in your country.

  91. What if it was disabled because of that reason ?

  92. Then I don't know. If you enabled monetization once, and then got monetization disabled for some reason then you might not be able to get partnered.

  93. Dude, do you even know what you are doing? You are ENCOURAGING people to RUIN their own LIVES and FUTURE by helping them sign a contract that PERPETUALLY binds them to Machinima! These contracts are no joke, if you sign them your life is RUINED unless Machinima decides to revoke it! Did you even read it thriugh carefully? It's possible that I'm wrong about this, but if the information that I've received from trusted sources is real, then you have fucked up your own life and future. PERPETUALLY = forever.

  94. I have read it, and the Machinima contract does not bind forever. They changed it long ago. Anyone that signed a contract that binds forever was then upgraded to a much better contract. Anyone I know from the Machinima network does not have the perpetuate contract anymore.

  95. i need subscribers can yha subscribe me at
    plz subscribe and share

  96. Hey man,great guide & tutorial.

    Just wondering how long Machinima normally take to get back to you after you’ve actually become a Partner & they have to sort things out with the “on-boarding team” .. ?

    I think I’m a Partner now,but I’m not totally sure. I guess I’ll obvs have to wait but I was just wondering..Thanks.

  97. I would like to become a member of machinima but don't know how and don't have the supplies to I need a little help please. </3

  98. anyone know how I can join machinima and I don't really have the stuff to make vids but I used to…. I need some help please thx and if you need reasons I can tell ya thx again cya

  99. dude so what machinima rocks… if ya have a problem take it like a man that's what girls do at least.

  100. what so if i already monetized my channel am screwd??

  101. Whatsupp, I recently applied to several networks, i was accepted to rpm, socialblade, and many more, but cant get partnered with then bcuz awesomnessTV dont want to fire me, do you have any good ideas to get me fired from that. Network? I tried mailing, even spammed on their forums, nothing worked/they didnt reply?… Need help :(…channel:

  102. I am not really sure…After you signed the contract they should get back to you within a week I think. If not you should send them a reminder.

  103. If you already monetized your channel then there is no problem. Just make sure you don't get your monetization tab disabled.

  104. What is the term of your contract (how long it lasts) ?

  105. dude. if you are doing gameplay you HAVE to have a partnership with an outside network if not then you're all goods just scroll to the bottom of any utube page and click partnership (or something i dont exatly know what it is) that page will take u thru it

  106. After all of this what does monotoze mean?

  107. Make money from would be a simple answer. Try searching it on google.

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  109. I think so.

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  114. No, because you are going for a Machinima partnership. Machinima and RPM are different companies.

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  119. Nice tutorial…I've seen some channels with gameplay walkthroughs that have had the Machinima partnership and it does look worthwhile.

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  123. From my understanding, you can do gaming videos, and any other type of videos and still get payed for them on the same channel.

  124. Cool website, keep up the good work. I have just started my own channel about gaming not long ago, but I still hesitating about posting gameplay videos on youtube, sacred of the copyright material and get my adsense banned, lol…until i know i can actually avoid this kind of problem by getting a partnership from machinima…..thx man, pls support my new channel as well, cheers

  125. Hey guys, I am a youtuber call Gungfry. I use a Mac and my first videos were pretty bad quality, but I am improving. I hope at least 1 of you may visit and look at these videos…

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